24 February 2009

Delays and an Army List

Well, it's certainly been longer than I anticipated getting another post together for the blog. My apologies, ladies (if there are any that read this thing) and gents. Blogger and my computer have been having a battle over the past few months in regards to allowing pictures, so until I can get that cleared up you'll just have to be happy with text, I'm afraid.

I've been doing some painting and assembling as well as getting more people in my area to play. I have one friend playing Tau and has also started a Daemonhunter army, one friend playing Orks, and another playing Chaos. I also have started a "house army" of Necrons, but they'll take a bit of work before they resemble anything close to a viable force, unfortunately. Also, I completed my first commisioned miniature the other day: I painted the first of my Tau friend's Grey Knight Terminators.

It's time, I think, to reveal my 500 point list for review. Feel free to let me know what you think of it!

"Psyker Patrol Force"
Librarian Epistolary -- 153 points, The Gate of Infinity, Smite, Storm Bolter

10 man Tactical Squad --170 points, flamer, ML
10 man Tactical Squad -- 170 points, flamer, ML

Total: 493 points

This list is relatively weak, I know, but for 500 points the Space Marines can't bring much to the table. The way I figure, the Librarian will be able to teleport himself and his attached sqaud around the field as needed to snag objectives, and you can keep one in the back to guard an objective. In terms of kill points, however, I've noticed they have a distinct lack of punch. Any ideas on how to improve this list?