02 October 2008


Waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday was a large, manilla package from Games Workshop. That's right folks, the Dawn Crusaders have received their latest Codex! Due to reasons such as copyright infringement, I can't divulge too much, other than to say that the new Codex is thicker, more fluffy, and provides for some more intriguing options. The fact that some of the wargear that otherwise nickel-and-dimed a player to death in the prvious codex now comes standard is a huge bonus, even if a few points values had to shift a little. Another thing I can say is that Scouts and Scout Bikes seem exponentially more useful now than they were in the past.

Almost finished with my AoBR Melta-naught. Pics to follow once he's done!

30 September 2008

Two more Marines

Well, here's a quick snapshot of some completed stuff I managed to drum up. I had to enlarge the photos a little, but other than that, they're unmodified. The extreme closeups are making me a little self-conscious about my painting skills, haha. Oh well, as long as they look decent on the tabletop, I'll be (mostly) happy with them. I like to call the one with the Auspex my "Wait a minute..." marine.

Paint Night after Hell Week

Not much in the way of an update, other than to say one is coming, and it will have pictures. The only news lately is today I picked up the materials for a couple of home-made drop pods, and that I and two friends of mine got together and painted for about five hours this evening. It was pretty intense.

More to come, after a bit of sleep.