30 September 2008

Two more Marines

Well, here's a quick snapshot of some completed stuff I managed to drum up. I had to enlarge the photos a little, but other than that, they're unmodified. The extreme closeups are making me a little self-conscious about my painting skills, haha. Oh well, as long as they look decent on the tabletop, I'll be (mostly) happy with them. I like to call the one with the Auspex my "Wait a minute..." marine.


RonSaikowski said...

They look good, photographing up close always seems to make stuff look different that how you see it in real life.

I've always liked the Auspex... I modeled up one guy with one once just because I like the thing.

Admiral Drax said...

Good work with the auspex! You might find this useful: I have no control for fine brushwork - my big sausage-fingers are way too shaky, but I find a black 0.05mm artist's pen is a superb tool for things like lettering and 'blips' on auspexes and the like.

- Drax

Wanderer787 said...

Much thanks for your comments, gentlemen. And i know what you mean, Admiral, about the fine brushwork problem. I have a .05 mm pen for pupils, but I didn't know they came in anything other than black. Thanks for the heads up!