24 April 2009

1850 Potential Tourney List

After a bit of brain storming and looking over what I have, I came up with the following list. I present it to you now for consideration.

Space Marine Chapter Master -- 170 pts.
--Artificer Armor
--Relic Blade

Space Marine Chaplain -- 125 pts.
--Jump Pack
--Digital Weapons

Dreadnought -- 125 pts.
--Assault Cannon
--Heavy Flamer

1x5 Terminators --230
--Assault Cannon

1x10 Man Tactical Squad--205 points

1x10 Man Tactical Squad--255 points
--Plasma gun
--Missile launcher
--Razorback (TL Lascannon)

Fast Attack
1x10 Man Assault Squad -- 215
--Combat Shield
--Melta Bombs

Heavy Support
Whirlwind -- 85 points

Land Raider --250 points

Predator -- 190 points
--Lascannon Sponsons
--Sgt. Chronus

TOTAL: 1850

The way I see it working out is I'll have the Chapter Master joined to the Terminators inside the LR to go forth and kill what they can. The MM Tac Squad in the Rhino will go hunting, while the Razorback Tac Squad will set up as a kind of forward fire base. The Whirlwind will be set up to start smashing hordes, with the Predator tooled up for support, hopefully from behind cover. The Dreadnought will mainly be used as a hunter/distraction. The Assault marines, finally, will be paired with the Chaplain and used for interdiction. I plan to keep them behind cover/out of line of sight until they're in a good position to ruin somebody's day.

Feel free to let me know what you think!


eriochrome said...

I would probably down grade the chapter master to a captain. If he is in the landraider he cannot use the orbital attack. He cannot move and use it. Also while he can assualt after using it he would have to assault the target(or disembarked passengers) which places him pretty close to a 2d6 scatter blast.

I have found that access to the barrage a distraction.

I would also probably drop chronus to get another unit of troops.

Wanderer787 said...

I was considering dropping that extra 25 points to take just a captain, but I really like Chronus. At the total of 95 points saved by dropping the Master to a Captain and Chronus from the Predator, I could only really take another 5 man tactical squad. I much prefer a 10 man squad for survivability.

Michael said...

My first possible problem would be the whirlwind. They can be really great, but at 1850, only one of them will not be able to do quite enough. If someone did show up with a horde army, I am not sure one of them would be quite enough. But it is 40k, so the dice do play a big factor.

FoxPhoenix135 said...

If you dropped the chapter master, or kronus, you could upgrade your dread to a venerable, which in the new 'dex also gives it +1BS in addition to the normal venerable bonuses! It would make it more effective, at least.

Wanderer787 said...

Yeah, I played another test game yesterday, and I realized that Chronus is one of those upgrades that look great on paper, but really aren't all that great when push comes to shove on the table top. As to the Whirlwind factor, that may be remedied by a Crusader in the near future. And the Venerable option is an excellent suggestion! I may stick the dread in a drop pod, though, for some quick interdiction if needed. Not sure just yet.