18 May 2009

Bits for Sale/Trade

I was rummaging through my bits this evening, and found a few things I'd like to hock and wanted to give the FTW community the first bite at the apple, as it were. There are two lots for your consideration and details are as follows:

Lot 1: Scouts. All items must go together. You will receive:
1 partially built scout
3 legs
4 torsos
5 heads
1 heavy bolter
1 missile launcher
3 bolter arms
4 shotgun arms
5 bolt pistol arms
5 close combat weapon arms
Various accessory bits

Lot 2: Transfer Sheets. Take your pick from:
12 normal infantry transfer sheets
5 normal vehicle transfer sheets
2 Space Wolves vehicle transfer sheets
1 Space Wolves Bike Squad transfer sheet
1 Ultramarine Bike Squad transfer sheet
1 Blood Angel Bike Squad transfer sheet

Contact me at mss1087@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these items and we'll work something out, either money transaction or item trade.

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