08 October 2008

Odds, ends, and an angry Dreadnought

Haven't been able to do too much lately other than clip out pieces and shave off the flashing from the Battleforce. But, as promised, here is the finished pic of my new "Meltanought," Brother Calvin. Behold!

I get a mercifully long weekend, so there should be some chapter progress (along with some grudging school work) getting done.

Hopefully something more substantive coming up. I'm thinking about modifying my chapter's background a bit, because I really used the 4e codex as a basis for some of the fluff. Now that the attributes are gone, I may have to rethink the backstory. Let me know what you think about that: good, bad, ugly, or just don't care. ;)


RonSaikowski said...

Even with the removal of the traits, aren't you still able to recreate the same army composition (for the most part) with the new codex?

Sure the background might be gone but that doesn't have a direct impact on the rules.

You can;t keep your background now?

Anonymous said...

I like Calvin... I can't stand it... I have to ask. Will there be a Techmarine named Hobbes? Ok, sorry about that. I'd not be too concerned with changing your fluff. It can still represent your chapters overall idea. If some of it can't be translated directly to the tabletop, then perhaps they are evolving the way they bring death to the Emperors enemies.

Wanderer787 said...

Yeah, I can keep it as is. The only thing I might want to change on the tabletop is to try out the new Scout bikes and heavy support vehicles. But in retrospect, like you both are telling me, that doesn't necessarily mean that I have to do a complete overhaul on the fluff.

And yes, if I do get a techmarine, I will name him Hobbes. :)

Admiral Drax said...

What a great name for a Dread! Like the colours too - very striking!

- Drax