26 October 2008

Terminator and a Pimp Wagon

Well, since my last update, I've had a few rounds with my buddy who I've convinced to play Tau. And now he is an addict. :) I haven't been able to paint too very much until tonight, and won't be able to do much more for a while with exams coming up soon, but here's some of my latest.

And that's that for a bit. To all of those who still keep up with this blog, thank you so much. I do still read your blogs, even if I don't leave any comments. If I don't leave comments, that's usually because I feel that I have nothing constructive to say due to my inexperience.



RonSaikowski said...

I like the color scheme... especially on the Rhino. I've always had trouble with trying to paint vehicles with color schemes that have more than one color (that's why I went with Templars).

Red and white always look sharp together and the yellow you added makes a nice contrast.

Nice work.

Michael Willis said...

I like the nice touches and that Terminator looks awfully mean.

Wanderer787 said...

Mike! Good to hear from you buddy! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, Terminators usually aren't the nicest things to run into down a dark alley...;)

Admiral Drax said...

Nice, mate!

"I counted them all out, and I counted them all back in again."

- Drax

Gamers World said...

Nice work I have only just found your blog and have added it to my blog roll, check out my blog at www.gamelisenceworld.blogspot.com

Ultra_Marine said...

nice termi man! keep up the gud work!!